With the advent of PC Pos there is now a whole new market for retailers.
Why just use a little two line display showing a description and price when you can us a LCD display to show your customers a live highly visual message of the products you want to sell !! Or how about as their items appear on the display you also show them a range of your products, specials or items you want to move.
How you use our products is over to you. We just give you the tools!
Just sit it on your counter and the cables disappear down the pole and come out through the base. No cables draped all over the counter top to get pulled out or snagged on things. You do not have to drill holes in your lovely bench top!! Unique design to stop the top rotating through 360° and breaking the cables.

Drill thru you counter top and the untidy mess of cables disappear out of sight. Unique swivel allows the top to only spin 359 degrees(Stops cables from becoming twisted and eventually breaking).
The top allows the unit to slide and clip in securely. Different top assemblies for different models of machines.

Nelson Based

Locally Owned and Operated

Providing service to the industry for the past 15 years

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