A cost effective early warning device to help warn an operator when getting close to a dangerous situation.
CS1 Series of digital inclinometers are a complete angle monitoring and early warning system. Available in both single or dual axis packages, these units provide accurate tilt sensing in a tough, environmentally protected housing  The modular sensing components allow you, the customer to select the options and measurement ranges that best fit your application, making the CS1 range the most flexible and multi-purpose digital inclinometer in New Zealand today.

Mechanical Equipment Roll Over/Slope Warning

Platform Leveling

Pitch and Roll Monitoring

Vehicle Tilt Monitoring

Boom Angle Indication

Single and Dual Axis

Remote Angle Sensing Packages

Input Ranges from 4 to 130

Power Supply Options:
   > 8-30VDC non-regulated

Indicator Test / Confidence Button

Adjustable Trip Angle Settings

Multi Stage warning

High Current-Sink Capability

Lamp/Solenoid/Relay Drive

Rugged self contained unit

Rollover Warning System

Nelson Based

Locally Owned and Operated

Providing service to the industry for the past 15 years

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